GNP X FI G17 Mk 1 (HBAR)

GNP X FI G17 Mk 1 (HBAR)

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Mk 2 Gen 4 G17 HBAR pistol. Lightly used Mk 1 slide and polished CRN (stainless barrel)heavy barrel, frame has approximately 100 rounds through it and is in like new condition. This is a shop photo used for photos.

This is the Shooting Surplus exclusive HBAR pistol - a converted G22 to 9mm with no fluting on the front portion of the barrel. A tungsten guide-rod is also installed to keep weight up on stationary parts, allowing for more accurate shot placement, and a slightly lighter felt recoil.


- FI Mk 2 OEM Gen 4 G17 slide (DLC finish)

- FI BLK barrel (CRN) polished match fit barrel

- FI Zero trigger

- FI DLC dimpled pin set (stainless)

- FI Lock Back rear sight

- Plain black front sight

- Polished tungsten guide-rod

- GNP 360 texture

- GNP Razorback mod

- GNP angled frame flats

- GNP single undercut

Sold as a complete firearm, comes with 1x standard capacity magazine, and an OEM Glock box.