GNP X FI 8 - Black

GNP X FI 8 - Black

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One of eight.

Gen 3 G17 Black slide, FDE (factory Glock FDE) frame.

Black slide (Mk 2) and DLC barrel, frame work by GNP sporting Fowler Industries borders.


- GNP frame work

- GNP HD borders (FI spec, only available with these pistols)

- GNP Double undercut

- GNP Left/right frame ledges

- GNP magazine release scallop (Gen 3 only)

- GNP trigger guard scallop

- GNP polished lower frame/magwell area

- Factory FDE Gen 3 G17 frame

- Mk 2 slide package (black nitride)

- DLC BLK match fit barrel

- Black Zero trigger (fit to pistol)

- Lock Back rear sight w/plain black front

- DLC dimpled pin set

- Steel guide-rod

- Internal polishing

Pistol carries a lifetime warranty.