Gen 4 G17-26 Grip Chop

Gen 4 G17-26 Grip Chop

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Who would want a G17 with a G26 length grip? Not sure, but this is what happens when we mess up what would have been a normal G17-19 grip chop.

This frame is brand new, and was originally meant to be done as a normal 19 length grip chop. The process was done incorrectly, which forced us to chop it further to a smaller size.

This is not the typical way we do our G26 grip chop, so it is heavily discounted. Internals, and a Zero trigger can be added for an additional cost on the drop down menu. Frame in its current state at $185 comes fully stripped except for the magazine release.

Must be sent to a valid FFL, only for sale where legal. No sales outside of the United States.