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  • IR Patch IR Patch

    IR Patch

    FI IR patch (visible/reflective under night vision). Available in Multicam Black, and AOR1. Per ITA…

  • Mk X/full custom build

    Mk X/full custom build

      Due to the advanced customizing options for a completed build, be sure and check out our ful…

  • Cover plate screws

    Fowler Industries

    Cover plate screws

    Replacement screws for FI RMR cover plate screws. Thread pitch 6-40, includes two screws. THESE AR…

  • RMR screws

    Fowler Industries

    RMR screws

    Trijicon RMR screws. 6-40 thread pitch. Includes two screws (allen head). Replacement screws for F…

  • RMR Cover Plate

    Fowler Industries

    RMR Cover Plate

    6061 Hard Anodized (black) plate for Trijicon RMR cut. Now available in different finishes. Compati…

  • Stainless TiN (gold)

    Fowler Industries

    Dimpled Pin Set

    Anyone who has taken apart a Glock frame knows how frustrating it can be when your punch walks acros…

  • Bwah! Patch

    Bwah! Patch

    "Bwah!" PVC patch. The expression you should make if anyone tells you they don't have an FI.

  • Aprilla X FI G26

    Aprilla Design Group

    Aprilla X FI G26

    Designed in collaboration with Aprilla Design Group, our small 2" PVC G26 Mk 1 patch can go with you…