BLK Barrel

BLK Barrel

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For the first time ever we are offering our BLK barrels to the public without purchase of a complete firearm. Normally reserved for complete and/or customer submitted pistol builds, these barrels are the last true match barrel you will ever need.

We machine all of these barrels with "drop-in" spec, similar to the critical dimensions found on OEM Glock barrels. Due to precise machining, quality control, lead, throat, enhanced feed ramp angles, and chamber specs, these barrels still add superb accuracy to your firearm without needing to be fit per our normal complete builds.

All our BLK barrels are blasted, de-horned, polished, and finished using PVD type coatings. Coating information is below:

- DLC (black)

- TiN (gold)

- TiCN (grey)

- CRN (stainless)

All BLK barrels feature barrel, hood, and ejection (right) side polishing to enhance smoothness of operation and aesthetics.

BLK barrels are offered in 9mm, 40, 357SIG, 10mm, and 45 (10mm/45 special order).