BLEM Gen 4 G17 NOVUS slide

BLEM Gen 4 G17 NOVUS slide

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BLEMISHED Fowler Industries Gen 4 G17 NOVUS  slide. These slides have either cosmetic blemishes, or are demo/used slides. All slides are 100% functional. Please read below for more information. These slides are sold as is, limited quantities available.

This is a standard configuration (dovetail REAR of RMR cut), two side windows, and full top serrations, with rear-raked off-set front serrations.

Finish: Black Nitride

Compatibility: Gen 4 G17 (and Gen 5 if end plate is swapped)


Do you have an OEM Glock slide that you no longer use? For the first time ever, we are offering trade-in credit for our Mk 1/2 slides.

We offer $130 trade in value for good condition, stripped, OEM Glock slides. Basically - send us your OEM Glock slide, and you'll save $130 on your new FI slide.

Trade in program applies only to OEM FI slides (not customer submitted pistols/slides). All trade in program slide exchanges must be handled via e-mail (, or via phone.